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Pinstriped Orange Helmet

Yes, I do believe my posts come in twos!

This helmet was done for Tony, and I am very proud of it! I have only been pinstriping since December of 2010 and I am getting better with the more stuff I do. I hope you like this one! You can also see a few others on the pinstriping page


Honda CB500 – Progress Post Part 2

I know it seems like we’ve been working on this Honda forever. This is an off and on project because it will most likely NOT be for sale. I say most likely because… well in the end cash always talks! 😉

Tony really wants to keep this bike as my everyday rider and I keep telling him I want to see it finished first!

Tony’s Chopper

4 weeks ago, when I saw this bike for the first time in the shop, it didn’t really stand out for me. But last Saturday while at the park pushing my daughter on the swing set I caught myself watching this motorcycle rolling around the block, I didn’t even realize it was the same bike at first much less my own husband riding it!

The One That Started it All

The time has come to say goodbye to the bike that started it all.  This was the first bike Tony purchased, it started out as a 1977 CB750 and has turned into a Brat Chop Hardtail. This bike is louder than **** (insert inappropriate four letter word here). There isn’t much to be said it’s kinda a bittersweet moment.

Keep an eye out for my next post in the next few days. Tony’s new baby is finished and is ready to be shown to the world! Exciting!!