for the love of vintage

1975 CL360

Here in lovely Spokane winter has set in; the rain, snow and wind has the bikes parked and all tucked in for the season. With that said winter projects has started! Nate’s digger has a final progress post coming up and introducing a new project for our friend Billy. A 1975 CL360 that Tony and Mike found way up north from and old lady. This bike is all orginal and very clean, when Billy stopped by one day it was love at first sight! He rode it around for awhile then decided for the boys to “cafe it.”

Tear down day.

No motor.

Down to the frame, ready to shave all that factory steel off.

Frame mods.

Engine soaking in alcasol.

Engine clean and ready for paint.

Billy went tire shopping and picked up a set of Coker Firestone repops for that old school vintage look.

Mike started piecing the tail and seat pan together.

UPDATE: Tail and tank mock up.




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