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One Hot Chopper!




This beauty we found was featured in Iron Horse magazine. I’m told she was a centerfold. I haven’t been able to find the story or the issue. If anyone knows, email me at, I’d love to know!


UPDATE: On Billy’s Bike

Forgive me if my posts have been few and far between, we’ve been having trouble with our internet. So this is my first attempt at blogging from my phone.

Anyway, Billy’s bike is starting to look pretty sweet with the all the brass accents! This project is so close to done that my next post on it will be of the finished product.








Honda CB500 – Progress Post Part 2

I know it seems like we’ve been working on this Honda forever. This is an off and on project because it will most likely NOT be for sale. I say most likely because… well in the end cash always talks! 😉

Tony really wants to keep this bike as my everyday rider and I keep telling him I want to see it finished first!

Tony’s Chopper

4 weeks ago, when I saw this bike for the first time in the shop, it didn’t really stand out for me. But last Saturday while at the park pushing my daughter on the swing set I caught myself watching this motorcycle rolling around the block, I didn’t even realize it was the same bike at first much less my own husband riding it!

Like Father, Like Daughter

Tony found this little bike (1979 Italjet 50) for our daughter, Elyanna (I can hear my mother gasping as I write this!). Don’t worry Moms, she wont be riding it anytime soon! Elyanna already knows this is HER cycle and she calls it, “Ely’s cycle!” and wants it with a purple frame and pink tank and fenders. Boy does Daddy have his work cut out for him!

“The Little Wrencher!”

She’s trying to fit the mirror on the bike. She has been paying attention she knew exactly where it went!

Honda CB500 – Progress Post

This is my husband’s “baby” at the moment. We originally bought this 1972 CB500 around April of last year, this is a project the boys have been working on in between the cafes and other restorations. This bike has custom everything even the rear frame mounts are custom designed (by myself). The following photos are a series over the past year:

The bike before the frame was cut up.

Something’s missing right? Like the whole back of the bike?

Fitting the frame.

The new rear end.

Note the custom rear brackets!

Does it look like a bike yet?

Mock up. Apes  or drag bars? That is the question.

Tank and fender back from paint!

Now it’s starting to look good! Fresh black paint on the frame. Looks like the inverted clubmans won!

1972 Honda CB350f

This is our first official Cafe Racer. This was a fun little bike! It was a great project, I really liked watching it come to life. The owner of this bike is really enjoying it! Since this photo and before we shipped it to Seattle we had a black leather seat made for it.

The CB350f when it first came out in 1972 was a four cylinder motorcycle and was considered to “one up” larger bikes at the time. The four cylinder is a faster and smother ride than the 350 twin.

This is what the bike looked like during the build.

Here are some more photos of the completed bike: