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1972 Honda CB350f

This is our first official Cafe Racer. This was a fun little bike! It was a great project, I really liked watching it come to life. The owner of this bike is really enjoying it! Since this photo and before we shipped it to Seattle we had a black leather seat made for it.

The CB350f when it first came out in 1972 was a four cylinder motorcycle and was considered to “one up” larger bikes at the time. The four cylinder is a faster and smother ride than the 350 twin.

This is what the bike looked like during the build.

Here are some more photos of the completed bike:


Hello World!

Hello there! My name is Leslie, I am the wife of an obsessed vintage motorcycle restorer. In attempt to understand my husband’s obsession I am creating this blog, I am still learning all these different bikes and I will also be showcasing his current projects. For our first bike, a CB350f that we just sold to a guy who lives in Seattle.